EarnKaro App Clocks 1 Million Registered Resellers

By: | August 11th, 2020

New Delhi, August 11, 2020: EarnKaro, the Social Cashback App by CashKaro claims that it has gained over 1 Million registered resellers within a year of launch. It also claims to has generated a whopping income of Rs 10 Crores for resellers across Tier 1 to 6 cities. The Social Cashback App which has become a source of income for thousands of users in the deeper pockets of India including states such as Haryana, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Karnataka, Telangana and Maharashtra among others, expects to cross 2 million resellers by the end of 2020 itself. In addition to lending financial independence to segments such as home-makers, students, young professionals, micro-influencers and larger social media influencers, EarnKaro has generated sales worth of more than Rs. 500 crores to partner sites including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Sephora NNNOW, Tata Cliq, Medlife and Mamaearth, among others.

Launched in 2019, EarnKaro is a zero investment Social Cashback App that enables savvy online shoppers to earn money whenever anyone shops via their EarnKaro links. They can simply log on to the EarnKaro app and share deals from popular shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. that are showcased on EarnKaro. These deal links can be shared by resellers with their social network via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. Whenever anyone shops via the reseller’s link, they earn a certain percentage as Cashback or “Profit”.

EarnKaro was created keeping two key aspects in mind. The first being financial independence, which is made true by EarnKaro users being able to turn their Profits into real money and transfer it directly to their bank accounts. The second aspect is freedom. To bring that to life, EarnKaro lets its registered users make their own custom product links for their shopping recommendations via its long list of partner sites like Myntra, Ajio, Sephora etc. This unrestricted feature is lucrative for influencers who can now monetise their reach and recommendations both.   

EarnKaro users on an average can easily earn up to Rs. 25,000 per month working flexible hours from their homes, while members with a larger social media following and influence can even earn a monthly income of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs or more.

Speaking of EarnKaro’s instant success CashKaro & EarnKaro Co-Founder Rohan Bhargava said, “With EarnKaro we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of millions of Indians by rendering them financial independence, including those who may have no prior working experience or a professional degree. The fact that we have gained over 1 million registered members in a short span of time even from smaller cities and towns further reaffirms its relevance and fitment in the current scenario. India is witnessing millions of first-time online shoppers right now but they need help with deciding what to buy, and where to buy it from. That’s where they rely on the power of their network to recommend, and their network can in turn earn money just by sharing good deals. While CashKaro is for the evolved online shopper, EarnKaro is helping us open up that funnel by serving those who know how to shop online but need help with the what and where.”

“While the social commerce industry in India has taken off, we felt there was a gap which could be filled by Social Cashback. We love asking our friends for recommendations, so why not make it worth their while to share. Also, there are many resellers who are earning via social commerce but their product set is largely restricted to unbranded goods and limited categories. Hence, we felt EarnKaro could bridge that gap by enabling resellers to earn when they share branded products from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Sephora and 100s of other sites. Our experience of running CashKaro has shown us that we all love deals, but we love deals on branded products even more. I am especially pleased to see so many home-makers, students and youth using EarnKaro, that too from tier 3-6 cities. It gives the EarnKaro team a sense of pride that our work is not only a source of a side income for individuals but a chance for many to become breadwinners for their families. We are also hosting regular workshops and training programs to handhold new and first-time users on how to earn Profits using EarnKaro.” said Swati Bhargava Co-Founder, CashKaro & EarnKaro.

Apart from popular categories like fashion, beauty, mobile phones, etc., EarnKaro also enables influencers in niche categories such as fitness and education to share their recommendations and earn profits. For instance, fitness and gym instructors can share deals from sites like Healthkart and earn profits, whereas teachers, students and parents can earn via sharing deals from sites like Byju’s, Udemy, Testbook, etc. By providing an easy work-from-home opportunity with flexible hours, EarnKaro is proving to be a breakthrough product in India right now.

Other than those who are looking to earn/earn extra money on the side, EarnKaro is creating a thriving ecosystem of micro-entrepreneurs throughout the country and presenting them with an opportunity to work with zero investment, complete flexibility and maximize their potential efficiently. With the launch of EarnKaro, CashKaro has come one step closer to its mission of being the smartest and easiest way for Indian shoppers to save and earn money. 

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