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Entrepreneurship During COVID-19 Pandemic

By: | August 24th, 2020

Author: Avneet Singh, Founder – Medusa Beverages

The current situation due to COVID-19 has bought about a change in people’s lives. We have started regenerating opportunities in the market, with a flash memory of stake downfalls due to the pandemic. The market is in its evolving stage and the entrepreneurs having a deep sense of dealing with such circumstances can sustain. Here comes the role of effective management planned by a smart entrepreneur.

Tips and guidelines are already available on different sites, explaining how to be a good entrepreneur but things do not work by just learning to master the art of being one. And there can be no better time than this. The COVID-19 outbreak and the prolonged lockdown trembled many ambitions and powers. But those who were able to handle it with ease, have successfully sustained in the market.

An entrepreneur is not merely a linguistic distinction used to differentiate from a businessman, but more like a desire to be that one day by believing in his ideas, their execution without fearing of the risks.

Where passion is the seed of a startup, perseverance develops the final fruit with the help of the right attitude and pro-activeness. Even diligent work requires smart efforts. Here pro-activeness straightly refers to the ability to work as an incredible person because you are not an officious one-eyed clerk or something.

We are constantly equipped with multiple ideas that need to be executed as per our thoughts. This is where decision making comes into play. Randomly taken decisions can’t go anywhere in the entrepreneurial world. One has to get into the shoes of a strategist to prepare a defined road map before taking any decision.

Informative business models, not only reduces the stress factor but also helps in listening to your intuitions. Nobody follows a leader who’s unable to make wise decisions. Confident personalities are only a by-product of their choices made at the right moment.

Timing is the only parameter that filters out the best choices from the rest ones. The greatest business models can fail if not taken on right time. Considering the current unforeseen situation of the market, even business tycoons suffered from the economical tremors, but many of them revived by taking advantage of their well-developed plans executed on the right timing.

Your plans can yield favorable results only if taken on appropriate time. The right moment to invest your abilities can be subjective depending upon your ideology in dealing with your business model.

The entrepreneurial world is full of uncertainties. By spending quality hours in knowing the nature of the market helps in increasing your experiential learning associated with it.

Knowing further your target audience and competitors help in defining goal-oriented objectives for your business. Though risk factors will always stay charged to hinder your journey, by learning to manage them you can better decide which ones are worth taking and which aren’t.

It is easy to be an entrepreneur, but if you want to be an established and successful one, then you need to start trusting your skills before entering the giant market. Only the persistent ones can sell and stand up for their ideas.

Avneet Singh - Entrepreneur  and Founder - Medusa Beverage

Avneet Singh is the founder  of Medusa Beverages Pvt. Ltd. A young entrepreneur, Avneet has etched a phenomenal career story at an age of 27 years. Since April 2017, Medusa premium strong beer, has a  whooping turn-over of 70 crores. He is accountable to make the ‘Medusa’ brand the choice for Indians. His skill and knowledge aids the brand to elevate at greater heights.We will be happy to share the article based on startup and how to be a successful Entreprenuer.