Exploring the Significance of Holistic Well-being with GALF

Posted by on June 21st, 2020

2020 by all means has tested the real strength of human capabilities. Be it at a physical, social, mental or emotional level, it has created an adverse impact on us all. On one hand, news from across the world leaves us mesmerised thinking about how much we as humans can do to help each other and on the other hand there has also been news that has left us in dismay. What we see, read, experience and undergo have a tremendous impact on our ability to deal with adversities and our overall wellness quotient.

Being India’s fast-growing wellness aggregator, GALF emphasizes on the significance of holistic well-being. Many of us are already aware of the challenging and fast paced nature of a corporate life. As much as it is thrilling and rewarding, it takes a great toll on the people that are a part of it. Pressing deadlines, expectations associated with performance, office politics, long work hours can all induce great amounts of stress and anxiety among individuals and in turn adversely affect their overall health. Our health is our greatest resource as every other function can only be executed if our health is well in place. Know it well that your body is the only resource that will be with you till end of life. GALF (Get a Life Fitness) was setup with an intent to touch lives of people across globe and help them embrace “Wellness As A Lifestyle”. GALF provides a trusted wellness eco-system wherein corporates can access end to end of wellness solutions. GALF hosts plethora of products and services using Wellness Marketplace in an interactive and informed environment through our MyGALF Mobile App

The pandemic has put the entire world into a new order and corresponding challenges. Businesses have been impacted, the economy is witnessing a slump, people are at risk of losing jobs. Some of us have been introduced to the concept of ‘remote working’ which we had surely heard of but never practiced. This new lifestyle has been difficult to adapt to and has added to the stress and imbalance in life that individuals. To fare well in these changing and challenging times, it is imperative that working individuals remove sometime from their schedules and religiously take care of their health. Apart from physical exercise and a nutritive diet, looking after your health also means giving significance to your mental and emotional well-being.  Yoga is what comes to our rescue here.

Neha SB, Corporate Wellness Specialist at GALF says, “The whole premise of yoga has been the union or connection between body, mind and spirit. Given that context, yoga first helps you deal internally and develop intrinsically before making an external impact. It nourishes your deeper self and heals you at multiple levels. Human behavioral sciences have proved that there is “No Other or Outside”.

The way you see the world outside and respond to it is all about what you are inside. If you are nervous and anxious inside, then you will deal with all external events and situations with anxiety howsoever good or bad they may be. Contrast is true if you are happy, healed and secure inside, you will see the world with hope and optimism. As much philosophical it may sound, this is true and evidentially validated specifically by yoga practitioners and experts. Infact, almost every Sports(wo)men, CXOs, Corporates and even Homemakers are now highly advised to embrace yoga as a lifestyle. It may not accomplish everything but sure sets you up on a strong base to gun for the fulfilment of your vision and goals.”

Sonia Coutinho, Ashtanga Yoga Expert and Corporate Wellness Specialist at GALF says, “Yoga is a perfect combination to attain holistic wellness. It starts with right breathing and right form of Asanas and Yogic diet.While yoga is for all, we must understand that not all Yoga Asanas or stretches are advisable for everyone. Before anyone starts yoga, we at GALF recommend that they must consult their specialist to discuss their underlying health issues. Few tips that can be of significant help are:

1. Have a certified yoga specialist or instructor

2. Set a realistic goal (under guidance) with your instructor

3. Know your body condition and undertake appropriate relevant yoga asanas

4. Know that yoga is way of life and not a competition about who can do more

5. Enjoy, appreciate and celebrate the journey”

Roshitha Girish, Advanced Hatha Yoga Expert and Corporate Wellness Specialist at GALF talks about the benefits of yoga on one’s mental state of being, “People associate Yoga with just the asana practice and the benefits it has on your physical body, externally. There is no doubt that yoga is a fantastic form of physical exercise to keep one fitter and younger looking, however, people miss out on the finer aspects of yoga. It does not limit itself to only the physical benefits but if practiced consistently it has a tremendous impact on the mind and soul. With regular practice you will slowly but surely see the transformation yoga has on you physically and mentally.”

“Yoga is time tested and scientifically proven method; a 5000yr old stress buster! It is like an inner expedition and it starts the day you decide to step on your mat. Yoga is learning to breathe peacefully again, taking a moment from your stressful, upbeat, hasty work life and remembering you have a mind that needs tending too. It’s a powerful vehicle for change; as you build strength you start to believe in your own potential. Various biochemical changes due to yoga helps in prevention of degenerative diseases, releasing good hormones like endorphins and bringing in an excellent sense of emotional balance which is essential for good health.” One needs to be consistent to accumulate the benefits added Roshitha.

Cheryl Mascarenhas, Embryologist, Yoga expert and a Corporate Wellness consultant at GALF states, “A tired mind is always a dull mind. An employee who is feeling healthy and pleasantly on the inside will definitely be more motivated and efficient. Quick pranayama/breathing practices or a small meditation session every now and then can help deal with stress to a great extent, which is currently the biggest evil of the corporate world.”

Yoga Image

Corporates should definitely encourage their employees to take up yoga for its mental, physical and emotional advantages. A 30-minute session will not only improve the quality of life of the employee/individual but also enhance productivity of the employee in a healthy manner.” Added Cheryl

Amit Vasistha, CEO and Founder GALF explains, “We encourage corporates to make yoga and holistic wellness as key employee value proposition and an integral part of their employee engagement strategy. We make it wellness simpler by placing an entire ecosystem using our MyGALF App. We have them covered with our wellness analytics, wellness rewards and currency, wellness market place for wellness specialists to equipment and accessories, immunity boosters and nutrition products all are accommodated well under customized modules that we create to suit each organizations’ specific needs.”

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