Green Trends updates its operations protocols to ensure a safer salon experience to consumers of Karnataka

Posted by on May 22nd, 2020

Bengaluru: Indian FMCG major CavinKare’s Green Trends Unisex Hair and Style salon, one of India’s largest and the most popular organised salon brand with 375+ salons operating in more than 50 cities across the country, is all set to reopen its 65 salons in Karnataka on May 21st, 2020. The announcement by green trends comes a day after Karnataka state government gave the go-ahead for salon industry to reopen beginning on 19th May — with restrictions.

Green Trends Unisex Hair and Style salon known for its strict process based salon operations has announced a slew of safety measures along with a strict appointment-only service under its stringent safety SOP guidelines with ‘Touchology’ principle – right from the introduction of the first-of-its-kind safety pledge in the salon segment to safety protocol for staff, customers, services and the salon premise.

Commenting on the reopening, Mr. Deepak Praveen, COO of green trends Unisex Hair and Style salon said, “The state government’s announcement is certainly promising news, as a brand over the last month we have extensively worked on updating our salon operations process with more than 40 plus process updates to ensure a safer salon experience for the clients. The safety protocols were arrived at by connecting with our customers to study their expectations and apprehensions, apart from using our technical team’s expertise, consultation with medical experts and industry experts. We are positive our safety process would provide customers an absolutely safe salon experience More than 4500 plus salon staff across the Country have undergone rigorous training session on the new safety processes.”

In addition to the long-standing practices, green trends’ salons across the country have taken the following steps:

  • Across the system, green trends salons are adhering to the guidance provided by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and various state level public health authorities
  • In the salon, green trends franchisees and salon teams are following the below stringent Hygiene steps:
  • Every salon employee would undergo a temperature check every day, they will wear the day’s temperature on them to give assurance to the customer as well. Any employee with fever, cough or cold would be given day off and medical checks would be done.
  • Strict social distancing norms would be followed by services taken with minimum 2 feet distance between service stations
  • Have revamped the salon POS to help create a seamless shift to appointment-based process for customer comfort. A ticketing system has been created where a client without entry into salon know the slot availability and can book the appointment directly – thus not having to wait and can come exactly at fixed time slot.
  • Entry for every client with temperature check, hand sanitizing, foot sanitizing, face mask
  • Contactless service process by wearing gloves while delivering every service
  • Staffs to wear face mask to avoid touching themselves on face and mouth mask as well thus ensuring safety to self and clients
  • SOP for Services like Threading and upper lip has been completely updated for safe service delivery
  • All stations would have hand sanitizers, before and after every service hands would be sanitized
  • Salon would be using disposable towels, disposable cutting sheets, disposable aprons to ensure contactless services
  • All Key Services would be delivered by using single use kits
  • All equipment’s and accessories would be sanitized before and after every service
  • All Chairs , facial beds would be sanitized before and after every service
  • Use of disposable tools such as Scrapper, filer , Cuticle Pusher etc for complete safety.
  • Aarogya Setu app registration is a must for all salon employees
  • Shift to a QR code based Digital rate card for contactless viewing

Commenting on TOUCHOLOGY safety SOP, Mr. Deepak said, “green trends has devised system whereby our service providers across the state and country do review upkeep of personal hygiene at regular intervals thus protecting the health of customers along with themselves. We have introduced the concept of Touchology, The Safe Touch Way of Life. Our focussed attention on every touch being a safe touch ensures every touch is shielded, protected, isolated and even avoided when not required.”

The principles of Touchology are:

  1. The Absent Touch: Our salons will provide e-rate cards, have e-payments and e-bills and follow stringent social distancing norms where only 2 customers per section will be served to prevent direct contact between any 2 customers.
  2. The Shielded Touch: All our staff will be dressed with protective gear such as masks, visors and gloves to avoid direct touch.
  3. The Clean Touch: Staff are trained to top-off their gloved hands and product surfaces with sanitizer at the beginning or end of every service to ensure every touch is decontaminated.
  4. The Healthy Touch: All our staff are registered on Aarogya Setu app and screened/monitored for the same.
  5. The Isolated Touch: We use single-use product kits and disposable kits (disposable towels, disposable gown, sheets etc) to ensure that your touch remains yours alone and then disposed after usage.

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