Melorra Launches #LookAtYouLookingOut Campaign Ahead of Daughter’s Day

            By: | September 7th, 2020

Bangalore, Sept. 7, 2020: Melorra, a lightweight fine jewellery brand, has launched #LookAtYouLookingOut campaign marking Daughter’s Day. The campaign is live across all of Melorra’s social media platforms, is a special way of thanking daughters for being the shining light in the dark times that the world is facing in the form of a pandemic.

LookatYouLookingOut Campaign

Daughters have been a force to reckon with and a rock for many families in these tough times. From teaching their parents new hacks and things like how to sign up for online classes or just simply watching out for them by doing things around the house, the campaign highlights how special daughters are. The brand has lined up an array of quirky contests and videos, among other things, ahead of Daughter’s Day.

Speaking about this, Sharat Krishnan, Head of Marketing, Melorra, said, “Daughters have a special place in our lives and with the little things that they do for us, they steal our heart even more. Our campaign #LookAtYouLookingOut, and the new Schoolgirl collection is a celebration of how wonderful they are. In times like these when everything seems uncertain, Melorra as a brand wants to lend hope and focus on positive marketing. The campaign celebrates the different things daughters do to make our lives better as also their diverse persona through lightweight and trendy gold jewellery from Melorra. The collection is vibrant, happy, and joyful – just like them.”

Melorra’s is also launching the Preppy Collection as part of its Daughter’s Day campaign. The collection celebrates the cool, aspirational, cheerful, happy, and joyful daughters. It denotes and explores childhood, breaking the rules of adulthood to get into the context of innocence and cheerfulness. The designs are inspired by the ever-in-vogue and vibrant schoolgirl fashion.