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Posted by on July 31st, 2020

We live in a culture that incarnates Goddesses as pious souls but on the contrary chain the massive, opulent building of womanhood. To me, womanhood is that building in which each door leads to a new persona ranging from a headstrong woman, a mewled negotiator, a mother,  to a doting version of every relationship we can think of.

Very often, we come across the fearless approach of an individual to treasure themselves as they are. This has inspired me to conceptualize and curate the “BAD GIRL Series”. The basic idea to work on this series was to bridge peace with oneself. The raw vigour to be opinionated, self-righteous & confident in oneself served as the meaty flesh of the story, I willed to insinuate. Bringing light to this essence, I worked on embellishing an aesthetic sense that would be in close serendipity to the aspect of the shots. 

I tried to create a look of a girl in a white shirt & black shorts, added with props like cigarette & heels. The poses are directed to present a carefree, relaxed, serene and yet a bold vibe of the character. The muse had a tattoo which said “fearless” & added up as a brownie point to the art direction. 

It often happens that a no-care-about-the-world approach infringes an assumption about an individual being rude to others’ thinking & it affects mental health of the individual being talked about on a deeper level. The series hints at the silent war against suppression of personal choices under worldly pressures & the necessity to exhibit such an attitude to curb self-hurt. Each of the frames looks beautiful & distinctive yet it beholds a defiant silence as an agile answer to the vexes. 

On a deeper level, it is an urge to stand upfront & strong in retaining originality. It draws a dignified line of steps heading to enlighten self-love in the hearts of individuals. 

I believe the strength to withstand setbacks & acceptance to one’s own unfiltered version are solutions to mitigate the vicious potholes.

The message I attempted to propagate was to exhibit fearless approach & confidence in oneself to strike the conventional practices. It’s more about paving a pathway to self growth over blending into societal beliefs. The gist of working on this story was to channelize balance of thoughts & strengthening inner self. It aimed at etching the fact that a person builds a community & not vice-versa. According to me, fearlessness is a voluptuous canvas that is as colourful as a rainbow. Self acceptance beautifully teaches one to live the moment & shapes the future ever so subtly. It describes the power of being unstoppable. I held a personal connect with the series as it induced courage in me. It inspired me to arm myself with intelligence, equitable oration & unwavering focus to witness wonders. Collaborating with all of the artists involved in this photo series to create the look of a messy girl brought me a step closer to mastering my fate & captaining my soul. I would like to conclude at this note which says, “Being fearless means to leave behind your footprint because one tiptoes only when fear exists.”

About the Author

Aesana Bhuta is a professional photographer, PR Professional & Social Media Strategist. Aesana loves to amalgamate the principles of science with the creative direction in the field of photography.

Her key skills in photography are fashion, beauty, product, editorial , advertorial campaigns & celebrity. Apart from the entertainment industry, she is well versed with logistics & intricacies pertaining to the glamour industry that revolves around modelling agencies. She has worked with reputed modelling agencies. Her profile mood depicts the synchronized colour palettes, advertorial direction & the aesthetic aspects to the fullest.

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