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Stem Cell Treatments a Possibility for Families: LifeCell

Posted by on July 22nd, 2020

LifeCell, today announced a surge in its community banking stem cells inventory by clocking over 50,000 consented and qualified donor stem cell units. 

LifeCell Community Banking

The inventory is set to grow continuously and is expected to help in overcoming the search burden for finding matching stem cells when needed, by enabling a 97% probability of finding a HLA matching stem cell unit on a match from the community inventory. 

This means a lot to the families who have preserved their babies’ stem cells with LifeCell since there is almost a complete assurance of finding a matching stem cell from the community inventory. 

Stem cell transplantation being considered as probably the only treatment options for a wide array of blood disorders, however there are only about 2,000 stem cell transplants done in India every year while 80,000 to 1,00,000 annual transplants are required to meet the large burden of blood cancers and fatal blood disorders in the country. With over 70% of all patients who need a lifesaving stem cell transplant not being able to find a matching donor in their family, the demand for unrelated donor stem cells is increasing but there aren’t too many of them available. Hence, the chances of finding a donor match is as low as 10% to 15% compared to the West where the chances are high at around 60% to 70%.

Since, there are no restrictions on utilising any number of matching cord blood stem cells units from the community bank inventory, the entire family including the parents and grandparents can now benefit from the protection of stem cells at no additional cost when the need arises. For expectant parents, this inventory strongly establishes the need to preserve their baby’s cord blood stem cells at birth under community banking for complete protection of their family

Speaking on the milestone, Mayur Abhaya, Managing Director, LifeCell said, “Our community banking model is aimed to resolve the dearth of matching stem cells when there is a need in the family. With this landmark milestone, we are confident that our protection extends not just for the child but the entire family including grandparents. India being highly short on donors, we are glad that we would be able to offer hope in the unfortunate incident of a critical disorder where there is a need for matching stem cells”

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