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Suguna Foods Addresses COVID-19 from Immunity Angle Across the Country

By: | May 27th, 2020

Chennai: India’s largest poultry conglomerate, Suguna Foods announced that it has ramped up the production of Vitamin D enriched eggs, the first of its kind in the country, as part of its relentless commitment to support the public health response and protect their well-being. Available across the company’s flagship Suguna Daily Fressh outlets and other supermarkets, these super specialty eggs provide 82% of the daily value of Vitamin D in a single egg which is a critical component in the current health crisis due to COVID-19.

Since March, Suguna Foods has significantly increased production of Vitamin D enriched eggs across the country. With a strong R&D team that focuses on nutrition, Suguna produces clear and nutritious Vitamin D eggs which are the most inexpensive and the healthiest protein source that helps maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for people of all age groups and health conditions.

Commenting on the development, Mr.Vignesh Soundararajan, Executive Director, Suguna Foods Pvt. Ltd., said, “Since the outbreak began,we have worked relentlessly with a commitment to continue delivering products of the highest quality to help improve the immunity system which remains critical in this crisis. And we have shifted some of our farms to increase the production of Vitamin D Eggs, an essential vitamin required by the body. As we work to expand our own production, we are also working with governments and others to prioritize, triage and redirect supplies to serve the most critical needs and areas.” Suguna, under its Suguna Value Added Eggs, offers four varieties of value added speciality eggs, each fortified with specific vitamins, and nutrients to help maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle for people of all age groups and health conditions. Priced at Rs. 69 for a pack of six eggs, the Vitamin D egg was launched in the year 2015 after conducting an in-depth research for the consumers. The product is available across Suguna Daily Fresh stores as well as the leading supermarkets across the country.

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