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Technology Taking Over Physical Fitness Centers

By: | September 1st, 2020

Over the last few months, we have seen a massive increase in awareness and consumption of health and fitness activities among all age groups and income levels globally. The sedentary lifestyle that people had to adopt led them to engage in fitness activities to avoid diseases, obesity, and build-up fat. The global pandemic was another reason why people started indulging in a healthy lifestyle.  

People are adapting to various fitness activities to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent poor health conditions due to hectic schedules, stress, and anxiety.

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The government is also encouraging people to indulge in health and fitness to lead a healthy life, through its nationwide campaigns, such as the Fit India Movement. Wellness has been recognized as a priority sector in the Make in India program run by the government.

Digitalization leaping:

Covid-19 had a tremendous impact on the health and fitness industry-leading them to shut the door for months. As a result, people took alternative steps to achieve their health and fitness

goals at home. 

People globally started to work out virtually. The fitness studios, trainers, freelancers, and influencers everywhere took their livelihood online to continue providing fitness services to their

current customers and capture new markets. These digital fitness platforms include big brands, and new start-ups that are providing various work-out plans, and programmers for its users have seen a

boom. Many Physical fitness centers took their business online and are now operating both online and offline.

While small-gym owners face difficulties in retaining their customers due to budget issues, many big brands and established fitness studios are providing digital assistance to their customers by

launching online training sessions. These online sessions are a mix of one-one personal training, live sessions, and pre-recorded sessions. There are many You Tubers and Fitness Influencers

who are also providing work out sessions on various social media platforms.

Access to a massive number of online training programs is making it easier for people to work out with or without certain types of equipment from the comfort of their homes. 

Importance of Physical Fitness Centers:

Though digital fitness experience might be time-saving and comparatively safer keeping the global pandemic in mind, there will always be a gap between digital and physical fitness centers.

The fitness enthusiast and professionals who are habitual to working out using heavy and advanced Gym equipment might not get similar results while working out from home. 

The power of advanced fitness equipment and professional training floors in fitness centers is a motivational factor for the fitness industry. The digital fitness experience cannot replicate the variety and quality of expensive gym equipment and the personal training experience under the strict supervision of experienced gym trainers. The most motivating factor is the social setting where the customers’ work-out with other people sharing similar energy.

With the Unlock phase implemented globally, various fitness centers have reopened with necessary precautions of social distancing. Mandatory precautions taken by fitness centers include – proper and regular sanitization, pre-scheduling of classes to avoid overcrowding, maximum 90 minutes of work out sessions, limited capacity of people per session, minimum 5 feet distance between customers, less physical interaction between trainers and customers, plastic shields between equipment, 6 feet distance between equipment, different entry, and exit points, temperature check before entering the gym, oxygen check after the workout, mandatory facemasks.

Keeping in mind these precautions, fitness centers are working on maintaining social distancing and providing a safe and healthy environment for their customers. Thus, with an increase in demand for a fit and healthy lifestyle, the importance of physical fitness centers rise while also an increase in the usage of digital fitness experience.

Paras Gupta

About the Author

Paras Gupta alias Indian Lion is an Indian bodybuilder from Delhi. and the owner of Universe Health Club.

An energetic fitness trainer with a strong background in International Bodybuilding
Athlete, Paras is the Secretary of the Gym Association in Delhi, and Vice President of the Gym Association in UP.

He has earned several accolades that include a silver medal for the Senior
Category in bodybuilding at World Fitness Federation 2016, the title of Mr. India, Mr. North India, Mr. Delhi, and others. He was also the leading Arnold classic competitor 2019 Australia and International Kuwait cup 2017 Competitor.