Vedanta Partnered with Yuva Unstoppable to Support Daily-Wage Earners

By: | July 28th, 2020

Vedanta Limited joined hands with Yuva Unstoppable to distribute around 10,000 dry ration kits among the daily wage earners across Maharashtra, Delhi-NCR, and Gujarat. In addition to the daily essentials like rice, oil, and spices, these kits also consisted of ‘slippers’ for the labourers who often have to tread along barefoot. Prior to this, in Phase I of their alliance, the two jointly distributed journey relief kits for thousands of migrant labourers from Bihar returning to their native from New Delhi and Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Irfan Pathan distributing ration kit_Yuva Unstoppable-Vedanta COVID initiative

In Phase II of their joint initiative, Yuva Unstoppable and Vedanta Limited were joined by philanthropic Men in Blue –Irfan Pathan and his brother Yusuf Pathan, Parthiv Patel, Suresh Raina, and Yuzvinder Chahal. While Pathan brothers and Parthiv Patel have been long-time ambassadors of Yuva Unstoppable’s cause, this initiative also roped in Suresh Raina and Yuzvinder Chahal, both of whom were deeply touched by the kindness initiatives and programs of the premier Indian NGO. They also showed support by actively spreading the word on social media.

Lauding Yuva Unstoppable and Vedanta’s efforts in supporting the communities during the pandemic, Irfan Pathan said, “Thank you so much Vedanta and Yuva Unstoppable for providing ration kits for so many needy people. I hope people continue to support each other like this even in times to come. My appeal to all is that it is indeed a testing time for all of us, but please bear up and keep faith that this too shall pass.”

Irfan Pathan - Yova Unstoppable

Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Parthiv Patel too appreciated the generous program – “My best wishes are with Vedanta Family and Mr Anil Agarwal (Chairman – Vedanta Resources). I am thankful to Yuva Unstoppable on behalf of all the beneficiaries for providing so many ration kits to the needy.”

Off-spin bowler, batsman and one of the best fielders in world cricket Suresh Rainasaid that “it’s a great honour to be associated with Vedanta and Yuva Unstoppable. I feel special in aiding this initiative. I believe if we are able to support something noble like this, we can sleep peacefully at the end of the day. And that’s a wonderful feeling!”

Indian cricketer and former chess player Yuzvendra Chahal also actively took part in the movement and here’s what he had to share about this initiative – “Yuva Unstoppable and Vedanta are going a lot of places and distributing ration kits there. They have done a lot of work, adopted schools across the country. I also recently joined them from Gurgaon and it’s indeed a pleasure.”

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