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ZingHR Bags HR Mandate of Mafatlal Industries

By: | June 29th, 2020

Mumbai: Mafatlal Industries has undergone an HR tech makeover. At a time, when several organizations were scouting for an effective HR solution, Mafatlal Industries has entrusted ZingHR to implement the Global HR Software Platform and usher the technology-driven change for enhanced productivity and efficiency. ZingHR ushered the smooth transition for Mafatlal industries from manual HR functions to automation. The initiative was a step forward towards enhancing their Employees’ Experience and Increased Engagement.

Mr. Shibin Chulliparambil, Chief Information Officer, Mafatlal Industries said“ZingHR has a team of committed professionals and their continuous disruptive innovations into the product keep them ahead in the race. We did not observe any difference during the lockdown in terms of delivery. During the period when everyone was confined to the four walls of their homes, ZingHR assured us of full support, and we were successfully able to complete this project remotely.”

ZingHR provides end-to-end HR expertise from advanced product features, a trusted support system to leadership commitments.

“Employees are the strong pillars of any organization. An effective HR-tech solution not only enhances efficiency but is also a revolutionary step in the organization’s journey of technological transformation. The current COVID-19 crisis has underscored the significance of technology as the key to resilience. Mafatlal Industries have a workforce of around 3000 employees and the ZingHR’s solution will streamline their core HR processes to enable to stay tech-savvy amidst such an unprecedented time,” said Mr. Prasad Rajappan, Founder & CEO, ZingHR.

ZingHR is an HR tech venture accelerated at Microsoft, with more than 300+ employees, 550+ customers and now a million+ active users. It offers a complete solution of the end to end processes in HR through Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning algorithms which helps to improve employee performance and drives a process efficiency in recruitment, offers ease of leave, attendance, payroll and claim management.

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