Innovation in HRTech Space will change HRMS

Author: Prasad Rajappan, Founder and CEO – zingHR

During the times of crisis and unprecedented events like the #CoronaVirus Pandemic, entrepreneurs, founders, and leaders should look at primarily two things :

  1. Welfare & Empathy For Their Human Capital
  2. Business Continuity and Productivity 

HRTech plays a vital role in addressing the above in a very ideal fashion and it is bound to contribute in a big chunk. Add innovation to HRTech and things just get streamlined and the business is up and running along with building pipelines for productivity. This not only saves time but can create a lot of positive outlook towards Digital Transformation and Future Of Work.

Both Startups and Enterprises will be looking at HRTech adoption very keenly in the coming times. More and more industry leaders are trying to convert fixed costs to variable costs. This is where HR Tech could actually play a pivotal role in Employee Lifecycle management processes.

Innovation Based Products can be many but primarily they would circle around these following product lines which come super handy during the WFH (Work From Home) and Remote Working options. These products will change the way we look at HRTech, Employee Productivity, and Business Continuity.

  1. Geo-Fencing For Employees, 
  2. Zero Touch Payroll
  3. Help-Desk Management
  4. Artificial Intelligence Powered Bots
  5. Robotic Interviews 
  6. Digital Onboarding 
  7. Employee Welfare Surveys
  8. Employee Based Mass Push Notifications
  9. Succession Planning For Organizations

These products bring direct benefit to the organizations and help in building continuity, productivity, cost-saving measures more than anything else which are required and needed by organizations as we talk.

Personally after speaking to more than 500+ customers both SMBs, Startups, and Enterprises we have come to the conclusion that our objective of building HRTech products is a direct implication of the current market gaps and the immediate needs for customers. Now the most important thing that comes to mind for any innovation in the HRTech is the implementation time to get the above products online for the organizations. We have seen, tried, tested, and came to a very defined conclusion that these can be implemented within ONE DAY flat. 

Implementation of HRTech Innovation based product we feel is the KEY and that solves the entire purpose of getting things done more efficiently and faster. Employee engagement has emerged as a critical driver for the success of businesses today. A lot of organisations are recognising their employees who are going above and beyond to contribute to these challenging times. HR Tech lets you better collaborate and manage Work From Home Employees while enabling businesses to ensure performance and productivity. With learning management systems you can ensure Contactless Knowledge and Information Dissemination with Mobile-based Learning. A lot of organisations can leverage collaborative tools like forum discussions, wikis to improve communication and collaboration within the teams. e-Learning with gamification can truly create a rich, interactive, and engaging learning experience.

We feel that HRTech will see a lot of more innovations right for Startups to Enterprises and will work towards the new normal which is remote working and WFH (Work From Home) As a company ZingHR we have deployed our Tech and Innovation team to address this huge upsurge of demand. Due to this pandemic million of the workforce across the globe are working from home and the HR function along with the businesses at large have found that HR Tech is the best bet during these testing times to improve the team collaboration, productivity and keep achieving the business outcomes. 

We are preparing for the new normal and we are always equipped to help, support the organizations that are gearing as we talk to address the same.

More power to Startups, SMBs, and Enterprises globally.

About the Author

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Prasad Rajappan, a Production Engineer and an MBA (HR, Operations) from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, (NMIMS), is the founder and CEO of ZingHR. A visionary and thought leader, Prasad values his people and leads by example.

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