Price Sensitivity in India is a Significant Challenge: Brad Rosairo

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to look for solution focused at migrating users and data to the cloud. Majority of enterprises have either migrated to the cloud platforms or are in the process of the same. The demand for Saas software has seen a considerable increase and there are plenty of players competing with each other to tap the Indian market.

Mr. Brad Rosairo, Director of business development in Asia Pacific region, BitTitan

Mr. Brad Rosairo, Director of business development in Asia Pacific region, BitTitan talks to MediaCatalyst about BitTitan and the Indian market.

Read what he has to say.

What are the different solutions that BitTitan, as a SaaS software company, provides?

BitTitan is the developer of MigrationWiz®, the industry-leading SaaS solution for mailbox, document, public-folder, and Microsoft Teams migrations between a wide range of Sources and Destinations. It employs automation for swift, efficient, and secure migrations while reducing downtime and eliminating error-prone manual methods. It has high scalability and can service migrations for small to mid-sized businesses and enterprise clients. BitTitan’s customer support team is available 24/7 to offer global support and documentation. They can help with step-by-step migration guides and troubleshooting tips.

How is BitTitan MigrationWiz different from other similar solutions available in the market?

Two of BitTitan’s competitors are Cloudiway, which specializes in data migration solutions, and Binary Tree, which offers cloud migration products. What differentiates BitTitan from our competitors is that we’re a partner-centric organization. Instead of selling our products directly to the end-user, we work with our partners to help them be successful with their clients. That means we don’t compete directly with our partners. Some of our competitors focus on professional services and bundle their migration tool with that service, which puts them in direct competition with their partners.

Another key differentiator is that BitTitan’s solutions are 100% SaaS-based. This allows our partners to leverage these solutions for remote migrations at any time from anywhere to service their customers, no matter where they’re located. This is especially important during the pandemic.

Finally, BitTitan MigrationWiz is easy to use, with no local installation required, and comes with superior documentation and responsive global support, available 24/7.

How has the Coronavirus pandemic impacted the MigrationWiz business?

BitTitan has seen an uptick in the usage of MigrationWiz as MSPs and IT Service Provider partners across the globe have been swamped with requests from businesses to help them quickly mobilize a migration to the cloud to enable remote operations. As this initial wave has slowed and businesses begin to plan for an uncertain future, many are now looking at ways to fine-tune their remote operations and optimize their cloud footprint, so we are seeing more demand for MigrationWiz to conduct cloud-to-cloud migrations. 

What are your plans and strategy to tap the Indian enterprise market?

BitTitan is looking to broaden awareness of and access to its MigrationWiz cloud migration tool through distribution and partner relationship expansion in India. This will enable service providers to easily increase their cloud businesses through migrations to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 and M365, and G Suite. MigrationWiz by BitTitan is already distributed throughout the APAC region by key distributors and partners, which include Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Microland, HCL, Wipro, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Ingram Micro, SCK Corp, Synnex among others. 

The Indian market behaves differently than the rest of the world. What are your experiences and how do you plan to overcome the challenges in the Indian market? 

India is an exciting and major market for us. However, price sensitivity in India is a significant challenge, which BitTitan is working diligently to navigate, knowing well that the market is heavily impacted by a handful of large systems integrators. These enterprises tend to play off one another, relying on BitTitan as a pricing-and-fees influencer and that can add additional pricing pressures. It should be noted that – as in many commercial ventures – the lowest price is not always the best option. Many companies are hungry for BitTitan’s services and we see the country as an optimal place to embed ourselves and build strong relationships. As we look to the next year, we see significant growth opportunity and optimism, due largely to key regional partners and large global system integrators.

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