Travel Ready: Must-have essentials for your next outdoor expediti

Getting ready for your next outdoor adventure? Make sure you pack a sense of excitement along with the right gear to ensure everything goes smoothly and the fun never stops. The key to having a great time is to be prepared for any situation that we may come across.

So, what should you pack? Here is a list of travel essentials you really should not leave home without when you are heading into the great outdoors. Having these basics can make all the difference between an unforgettable experience and a not so great one.

First Aid Kit

A well-stocked first aid kit is a critical travel ready essential for any outdoor expedition. It equips you to handle minor injuries, blisters or allergic reactions that may occur while exploring nature. A compact First Aid Kit can prevent small issues from escalating into emergencies. First Aid Kit not only ensures your safety and comfort but also allows you to continue your adventure with peace of mind, knowing that you are prepared for unexpected health situations.

Ready to eat or packaged food

Ready to eat and packaged food are travel ready essentials for outdoor expeditions, providing easy, lightweight nourishment when cooking is not feasible. Such meals require little to no preparation, saving time and energy while ensuring you maintain strength for your adventures. From energy bars and dried fruits to sealed food items, they offer balanced nutrition and long shelf life. Whether you are hiking remote trails, facing unexpected delays, or simply want a quick refuel, having these provisions on hand keeps you energized and prepared for any situation.


When embarking on outdoor adventures, a reliable light source is of utmost importance. The Eveready DL 90 Unicorn flashlight is an essential travel companion for outdoor enthusiasts. With a 1W beam, 2W emergency side light, and four modes providing up to 3 hours of torch lighting and 6 hours of dim side lighting, it ensures versatile illumination. Its ergonomic design, fast-charging Li-ion battery, durability features like overcharge protection and ECT Technology make it perfect for night trails, camping, or emergencies. Available in dark grey or yellow at just Rs. 199/-, this affordable, compact torch is indispensable for any expedition.


A raincoat is a travel-ready essential for any outdoor expedition, as it provides necessary protection against unexpected downpours or persistent drizzles. This lightweight, packable gear keeps you dry and comfortable. A good raincoat also shields your backpack and gear, ensuring that vital supplies like electronics, maps, or spare clothes remain dry. Whether you are trekking through misty mountains, exploring humid rainforests, or simply caught in a surprise shower, you can always rely on your raincoat which allows you to continue your adventure.

Portable power bank 

Portable power bank is also an important travel-ready essential for outdoor expeditions ensuring your crucial devices stay charged where power outlets are rarely available. It keeps smartphones, GPS units, cameras, as well as flashlights operational. These are compact, lightweight and offer multiple charges. Whether you are tracking your route, calling for help in emergencies, capturing memorable moments, a reliable power bank is quite useful for staying connected and safe during adventures. Portronics PowerPod 20k is an excellent option in case you are looking to buy a brand new portable power bank.