Hitachi ABB Power Grids in India announces program to achieve carbon-neutrality targets by 2030

Bengaluru: Hitachi ABB Power Grids in India (listed on the Indian stock exchanges as “ABB Power Products and Systems India Limited”) today announced a comprehensive program to achieve carbon-neutrality targets by 2030 in its own operations, reaffirming its commitment to a sustainable energy future. In parallel, the Company is continuing to mobilize resources to safeguard employees and aid India’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

Contributing to the drive to ‘build back better’, the pioneering technology leader is adopting a three-dimensional approach to decarbonization. The program is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of its own operations and in the products that it delivers. The goal of the program is aligned with India’s Mission Innovation and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 7: to increase access to affordable and clean energy.

The Company expects to achieve its carbon-neutral target of 100 percent fossil-free electricity by the close of FY22. It is also electrifying its operations to deliver further efficiencies over the coming years. Additional 2030 targets include a 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions along the value chain and the introduction of greenhouse gas-free technology solutions.

Two more targets relate to a 50 percent reduction in waste generation and cutting freshwater usage by 25 percent, progressively through the next ten years. By adopting a more systemic approach to business development, it expects to reduce carbon emissions for the benefit of the environment and society.

“We see ourselves as a key enabler of a sustainable energy future and are playing our part in the fight against global warming,” said N Venu, Managing Director and CEO of Hitachi ABB Power Grids in India.

“To get closer toward a carbon-neutral future means that we have to start by strengthening our own environmental, social, and governance practices. Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system and we are working on electrified, reliable, and decarbonized operations and products. With solutions such as our revolutionary electric-bus fast-charging technology, we remain at the forefront of enabling the clean energy transition,” he added.