How Marketing will Play an Important Role for Any Product, Services or Brand in Current Times

The Covid-19 has overthrown it’s viciousness into the minutest details of our lives. It resulted into sufferings, which goes beyond measure now. But even in an emergency like this, life hasn’t stopped. The stores might have shut down, but people didn’t stop having their meals. While the crowd in the streets went empty, people are more likely to be found at homes glued to their mobile and television screens to remain connected to the world. Businesses need to rethink and re-strategize their marketing exposures to become relevant with the on-going tension.

It’s time we come in terms with the current reality and do something thoughtful about to digress it to a new way of living life. Brands require new marketing strategies to understand consumer’s behavior so they can pursue them. Especially now when most of the people are scared coming out of their homes and locked themselves indoor, brands deserve strong marketing statistics to emerge and revive their set back businesses.

A few important advantages Brands/products can gain from marketing-

Staying Connected – It means never going out of sight. Apparently when the ground motto is to maintain social distancing, staying connected can only be possible through right marketing. Visibility is the key to reach out to the consumers. For a change, our primary focus should be building their trust for the brand first.

Spread Positivity – The world is depressed at the moment. The uncertain future is making people anxious. Empathizing would be a great morale booster to fight the current tragic confusion they are dealing with. Engaging consumers with tiny means of entertainment incorporated in a thoughtful message, keeping up with the brand point of view can be profuse. Eventually, it’s going to benefit the brand only.

Offer Support – Channelizing on the profits, particularly now, can harm the brand image to repair. Discounts and free services are always appreciated by consumers. But a product’s uniqueness is as important as giving away free services. A product has to make its way to the heart of its consumer to have own them and be of help in the catastrophe. What better than right marketing!

Right Communication – The COVID-19 predicament has led people to be more sensitive towards everything around. An empathetic and positive approach to any context of communication would be safer for the brand image. Brands should keep away from putting out irresponsible communication or else it might back fire and cause damage to its reputation.

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Gaurav Joshi is the founder of 91 Marcom. A diligent and challenge driven individual with an MBA in Marketing from IMT Ghaziabad, Gauraav
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