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Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers of Digital News Platforms

Impact of COVID-19 on Consumers of Digital News Platforms

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Author: Vivek Pandey, VP, Revenue Strategy & Analytics - Times Internet. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the global disruption of lives, businesses, and business models to unprecedented rates. While several businesses are still analysing the impact of the pandemic on their operations, the revolution of consumer behaviour has emerged as a prime consideration in determining the future of industries altogether. And with no clear resolution in sight, companies are acclimatizing themselves to the shifting realities of the global economy and consumption patterns, at least until a vaccine is discovered.  Some behavioral changes are now morphing themselves into solid habits, and will definitely outlast the pandemic. A detailed analysis of audience behaviour provides insights in...
We want to optimize the way data is transacted on the internet globally says SugarBox CEO and CO-Founder Rohit Paranjpe

We want to optimize the way data is transacted on the internet globally says SugarBox CEO and CO-Founder Rohit Paranjpe

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More and more users are switching to digital services from using different OTT platforms to e-commerce, e-learning, news sites and many more. However, data availability, reliability and affordability has always been a problem. At the forefront of revolutionizing availability, affordability, and reliability of digital services, SugarBox is here to solve the last mile connectivity problem. Infused with 522 Cr investment by Zee and present in 9 cities, this tech start-up is here to empower the Next Billion users worldwide. Mr. Rohit Paranjpe, CEO and Co-founder - SugarBox In an exclusive interview with MediaCatalyst, Mr. Rohit Paranjpe, CEO and Co-founder - SugarBox dwells on the journey of SugarBox, the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the company strategy and on how SugarBox is commit...

The Impact of COVID-19 on The Future of Entertainment Industry

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Author: Abhayanand Singh, CEO - Golden Ratio Films & Chairperson - Singapore South Asian International Film Festival. For the most part of 2020, COVID-19 has dominated the headlines. The virus has brought businesses and the world economy to a grinding halt. Uncertain about employment, many have become wary of unnecessary expenditure. Despite the slowdown, however, there is a steady increase in consumers’ appetite for one thing: content. Confined to their homes, people are turning to their electronic devices for entertainment. The irony is that while there is an increase in demand, the entertainment industry itself has come to a standstill. Film Industry To stem the rising number of COVID-19 cases, India enforced a lockdown from March 25 that extended till June. Since then, the...

How Marketing will Play an Important Role for Any Product, Services or Brand in Current Times

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The Covid-19 has overthrown it’s viciousness into the minutest details of our lives. It resulted into sufferings, which goes beyond measure now. But even in an emergency like this, life hasn’t stopped. The stores might have shut down, but people didn’t stop having their meals. While the crowd in the streets went empty, people are more likely to be found at homes glued to their mobile and television screens to remain connected to the world. Businesses need to rethink and re-strategize their marketing exposures to become relevant with the on-going tension. It’s time we come in terms with the current reality and do something thoughtful about to digress it to a new way of living life. Brands require new marketing strategies to understand consumer’s behavior so they can pursue them. Especial...